Looking for an Osteo in Torquay?

Sequence Osteopathy is a team of experienced, friendly and talented osteopaths.

Personalised Treatments

No two people are the same, so no treatments are the same. Your treatment will be tailored for your unique needs. Learn More >

We Treat Your Whole Body

We are holistic which means we look at the whole body as being inter-connected – we consider your entire body in every treatment. Learn More >

Movement as Medicine

Combining personalised strength and conditioning rehab exercises or yoga therapy with osteopathic treatment can reduce pain and improve health outcomes. Learn More >

Long Lasting Care

Our aim is to provide quality treatments that help recent injuries get better faster and find effective solutions for long-term pains and problems. Learn More >

Sequence Osteopathy is more than just a hands on manual therapy clinic.

We are an experienced and highly skilled team of osteopaths offering you long lasting care. Our aim is to provide quality treatment that helps you to get better faster and to find effective solutions for long-term pains and problems. Learn what to expect from your appointment here.

Sequence Osteopathy offers an extensive range of Osteopathic services.

With 9 experienced osteopaths to choose from we are able to offer unique and personalised treatments for each individual. We may also offer trigger point dry needling or create a personalised rehab program for those chronic muscle imbalances. We treat people of all ages and occupations and we love receiving referrals from your GP (Medicare rebate) or from Workcover and DVA. We work in conjunction with GPs, naturopaths, podiatrists, massage therapists and other allied health practitioners to get the best patient outcomes.
Learn about our range of services here.

All our Osteopaths are experienced & highly skilled professionals.

Our osteopaths range from 5 to 40+ years of hands on clinical experience. Our common objective is to enhance the body’s ability to self-heal by treating the joints, muscles, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems with a variety of hands-on techniques. We are a united team and regularly undertake professional development to ensure we are up to date with current evidence based research.

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