Hello Sequence Osteopathy

Introducing us, Sequence Osteopathy, from the salty Surf Coast. Our clinic is located in the busy central hub that is Baines crescent, Torquay. We are an Osteopathy clinic also offering Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. We offer treatment for patients of all ages and treat a wide variety of physical conditions and ailments.

Osteopathy views the body in a holistic way, identifying and treating the source of an issue, not just its symptoms. Osteopathy is especially helpful in the maintenance of posture and the treatment of pain and utilises the body’s unique capacity to heal itself when in correct anatomical alignment.

At Sequence Osteopathy we have a staff of five talented, knowledgeable and passionate osteopaths and one Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy therapist. Our team of osteos treat the whole body with a variety of special interests. (Pictured L to R)

Dr Rachel Perry has an interest in treating women. She is experienced in treating mums throughout their entire pregnancy journey and provides post-partum care. Osteopathy is a safe and gentle treatment for all women throughout each stage of pregnancy.

Dr Piers Bubbers has recently completed additional training in foot pain and lower limb conditions. Piers has developed a particular skill in the treatment and management of complex injuries especially of the pelvis, neck, shoulder, foot and arm.

Dr Brieuc Wilmart has recently completed advanced training in the management of chronic pain and is skilled at explaining the psychology of pain to patients. Brieuc has a keen interest in the movement of the whole body and strives to achieve an optimum level within all of his patients.

Dr Rebecca Burns has vast experience in treating acute and severe disc injuries, rotator cuff and shoulder injuries and working with patients to manage their complex physical conditions. Dr Burns combines her love of yoga and pilates with Osteopathy giving patients long term positive results through a combination of Osteopathy with Yoga Therapy.

Dr Jo Hilbert hails from rural Victoria and has a wealth of experience treating chronic back pain in patients who injure themselves through physical tasks from labourers to home gardeners. 

Using their excellent problem solving skills, the team at Sequence Osteopathy work hard at getting to the source of your problem and use a combination of manual techniques (physical manipulation, stretching and massage and dry needling) to give you long lasting care. Our aim is to provide quality treatment that helps you to get better faster and to find effective solutions for long-term pains and problems. We won’t keep you coming back for unnecessary treatments without seeing positive improvement to treatment. 

Sequence Osteopathy has established relationships with local GPs and works alongside them to ensure continuity of health care. We welcome and accept Treatment Care Plans from you GP. We also process HICAPS (Private Health Care) on the spot payments.

Osteos treat so much more than you think!