About Us

Sequence Osteopathy is a team of 12 experienced, friendly and talented osteopaths.

We aim to get your body back to feeling its best:

Identify the cause

We address the root cause of your problem

Long Term in Mind

We aim to give you long term improvement and reach optimal health

Fully Personalised

We create personalised home programs for you to be in charge of your health outcomes

We see people who have long standing pain who have been to see multiple practitioners without results – and are totally over it! They feel like there has been no explanation of the cause of their problem and are expected to keep coming back without seeing any improvement.

At Sequence Osteopathy we strive to always accurately diagnose the cause of your problem. And we go out of our way to make sure you understand the origin of your pain. We treat the site of pain and also the areas above and below. We understand that no two people are the same so therefore no two treatments are the same.

We develop a clear treatment plan to make sure that you are fully in the loop about how many treatments we think you will require to start seeing positive change. And we won’t keep you coming back for unnecessary treatments without seeing positive improvement to treatment.

Ready to Book Online?

Booking Online with Sequence Osteopathy is the quickest, most convenient way to lock in the practitioner, appointment type & time that works best for you.