Are you prepared for an active summer of running on the Surf Coast?

Dr Brieuc Wilmart head shot Sequence Osteopathy

How to achieve the best results from your body with treatment.

Summer on the Surf Coast is buzzing with competitive cliff top and mountain runs for the professionals and weekend warriors. Injuries from running such as calf tears and achilles tendonitis may be caused from over training. However, they can also occur due to under training, poor preparation and poor recovery practices. Speak to your friendly Osteopath Dr Brieuc Wilmart for advice on your rehabilitation program and getting you back to your pre-injury health status. Brieuc is currently training to be a strength and conditioning coach so is very passionate about getting you back running injury free!

Did you know that injury prevention, management, rehabilitation and advice can be sought from your Osteopath? The common problems osteopath Dr Brieuc Wilmart treats in clinic are more than just lower back pain – he loves treating lower limb injuries such as achilles tendonitis or calf tears. These conditions can be reduced by having a structured warm-up and cool down, gradual exposure to exercise, proper recovery and a good diet. Regular osteo treatments can help to keep the mobility you need to perform to your best.

With the warmer weather it is very tempting to start running the coastal track again. Putting your shoes back on after a long winter and running straight away like you did 6 months ago is the most common cause of running injury. Your tendons (end part of the muscle that attaches to the bone) respond to load and adaptation. Therefore you need to make sure that the first couple of runs you go back into are at a slower pace and smaller distance to gradually build back the tolerance and help you stay injury free.

Osteopathic techniques include trigger point dry needling, soft tissue massage, ankle joint (calcaneus) mobilisations and hip articulation to keep your whole lower limb feeling mobile. Osteopathic soft tissue massage is targeted to release tight and shortened trigger points and also tight fascia.

Have you or someone you know suffered a sports-related injury? Give yourself a sporting chance with osteopathy now and see how we may be able to help you get back on track.


Warm up BEFORE any activity AND always stretch AFTER.
The warm-up will loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles. Choose exercises that mimic the key actions of your sport. The stretch after will ease muscle tightness, help with muscle soreness and keep the joints to the best range of motion they can be.

If training is new to you, we advise that you start any new activity slowly. Beginners, ask your osteo practitioner how to slowly introduce yourself to an unfamiliar activity. Discuss your injury history and make a plan to prevent it occurring again.

Get checked out before the pain. Too many times people come into the clinic after injury that could have happened months ago, don’t wait for it to be too late. Come and chat to us straight away so we can advise you and prevent further damage.

If you have achilles tendonitis – (pain in the insertion of the achilles) avoid walking bare foot and consider getting a heel lift inserted into your shoe to deload the tendon.

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