About Rachel

Rachel is a warm and personable Osteopath. She has strong beliefs in nature’s way and that our aim as osteopaths is to encourage and support the body’s own healing mechanisms. She believes health is multifaceted and that many aspects of good health need to be considered when looking at a patient as a whole- physical, emotional, stress, sleep and nutrition amongst others.

Rachel is a structural Osteopath with strong hands. She treats a bit of everything but particularly enjoys treating the upper body, head and women’s health. Her interests are evolving however and she hopes to delve a bit deeper into some more specific study focusing on osteopathic treatment of the face, TMJ and breathing mechanics.

  • Upper body, head and neck
  • Women’s health, pelvis and pre/postnatal care
  • Jaw, face, TMD and breathing issues

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  • Masters of Osteopathy (2007)
  • Bachelor of Science (Comp Med) (2005)
  • Member Australian Osteopathic Association

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  • Pelvic Pain workshop – Liz Howard (2019)
  • Urogenital workshop Level 1 with Natalie Lejeune (2017)
  • Dry Needling course Level 1 (2010)

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Rachel comes from a family of Osteopaths and is grateful that early on she was inspired to choose Osteopathy as her career path. After completing her studies in 2007 at RMIT in Melbourne she went on to work in Sydney, Byron Bay and other towns along the east coast being mentored by some inspiring Osteopaths. After travelling overseas she returned to settle in her hometown of Torquay. She has been practising for 15 years whilst raising her 3 children and loves how her job allows her flexibility to work around her young family but also allows her to continue to work in a career she loves.

She is passionate about learning and evolving herself as an Osteopath. Rachel has also enjoyed teaching roles at Victoria University, Southern Cross University and also teaching anatomy at Deakin University, she would love to do some more teaching in the future.

Growing up on the Surfcoast, Rachel has always had a strong connection to the area, the people and the lifestyle of this beautiful region. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys outdoor time, especially surfing and exploring the coast. Gardening is a big love of hers, growing her own veggies and flowers. She loves taking adventurous holidays where she gets to show her kids the great outdoors and travel the world with them while enjoying great dinners with great friends & coffee!

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