Your First Session

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Your First Session

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What to expect from your first osteopathy session


You can enter through the glass door at 2A Baines Crs – there are plenty of car parks out the front or on the street.


Please arrive 5mins early to fill in a new patient information form which will be either at reception or on the couch in the waiting room. Please bring any relevant X-rays or scans.


Your osteopath will then take a thorough case history to understand your current and also previous problems and any maintaining factors.


A thorough and dynamic movement assessment including strength and orthopaedic testing will be performed to identify and diagnose the cause of your problem.


We strive to always accurately diagnose the cause of your problem. And we go out of our way to make sure you understand the origin of your pain.


You will be given a personalised treatment consisting of a range of techniques including Pelvic Balancing gentle techniques are used to release the hip flexors and align the hips and even out any leg length discrepancies.


Soft Tissue Massage and Fascial Release: A wide range of targeted therapeutic massage techniques are used to unwind and release tight muscles in your problem areas.


Dry Needling: is an effective and efficient technique using acupuncture needles to target muscular pain.

Articulation and Stretching: we use a variety of gentle joint movements and use your resistance to re align and open joints which also helps to improve fluid dynamics and improve healing times.

Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation: When indicated and only with your consent we may perform joint manipulation. We use the minimum amount of force necessary to open the joints to improve range of motion and function.


A clear treatment plan is developed to see how many treatments we think you will require.You will then be given 1-2 (or more, depending on your enthusiasm) exercises/stretches to help maintain the positive effects of treatment.


We have EFTPOS and HICAPS facilities available for instant private health care rebates for your convenience. You can rebook on the spot or ONLINE.

What makes osteopathy unique?

Osteopathy views the body in a holistic way, identifying and treating the source of an issue, not just its symptoms.

Treatment is always holistic – we look at the whole body being related and treat not just your painful spot but also above and below the region.

For example: if you have knee pain we would look at the biomechanics of your foot and ankle as well as your hip, pelvis and lower back to understand the true origin of your problem and its maintaining factors. Treatment options would include massage, gentle joint work, dry needling, stretching and much more.